Global Investment offers a wide-ranging services in asset management, financial advisory,and mergers and acquisitions
Our Services

Global Investment commercial activities are divided into four main segments, together they form the Company's well-balanced business portfolio. The first is the pursuance and formation of strategic alliances with the most prominent local and global, private and public industry leaders for national and international partnership within sustainable development domains. The second is in undertaking the role of market researcher, business consultant and investment advisor to partners and third parties. The third is acting as a financer aiming to support and ensure the success of the partners’ projects and programs’ operation by offering the funds needed for financing their asset acquisition. The forth is providing expertise for risk management services for partners and third parties projects and programs’ and oversee its development activities.

All investment and financial services offered by Global Investment adhere to the highest standards of Sharia compliance. More than just compliance; Global Investment seeks to become a pioneer in the field of Sharia-compliant investment services, as well as developing innovative and market-leading investment products and services that will meet our clients’ objectives.

What we do
  • Conduct technical and financial feasibility studies for investment opportunities; organize public consultation and prepare client request for information, request for proposals, service level agreement and contract documentations; and provision of risk assessment and management services for new projects,.
  • Perform market research and plan business development activities for products and services, with full awareness of local and global changes.
  • Deploy latest technologies with regards to due diligence that ensure effective and efficient capital budgeting process performance, appropriate location and allocation of resources.
  • Provide customized, affordable, Sharia-based financial solutions for local and global individuals and organizations.
  • Deliver superior investment and contract performance assessment through continuous performance measurement and the appropriate definition of vital KPIs, taking a long-term view and fully integrating sustainability research within a precise framework of traditional financial analysis and the impact of the local and global changes on the portfolio of individual investments or on the business portfolio as a whole.
  • Ensure that the overall annual objective of the investment portfolio exceeds the average return for a similar level of risk investments.
  • Create long-term client partnerships by offering and delivering unique investment insights and exceptional client service for current and potential clients.
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